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Cuda’s Customs completely weatherproof universal clamp on cup holders for boats and marine fishing accessories. Two universal clamp on sizes, small clamp fits all your bow rails and hand and grab bars from 3/4 inch outside diameter up to 1 1/4 inch OD. Large clamp on fits your bigger pipes like your center console, T-top and poling platform’s main supporting pipework from 2 inch outside diameter to as small as 1 1/2 inch OD.

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Cuda Cup®, completely weatherproof universal clamp on boat cup holders will save you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted beverages.

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Most boats, even fresh off the assembly line, do not have enough drink holders. If they do, they are inconveniently placed leaving you no where to put your beer or beverage. Our cup holders conveniently mount on so many locations on your boat. Like bow rails and hand and grab bars. On T-tops and center consoles supporting boat pipework. Leaning posts, poling platforms and around windshields are another prime location!
As fisherman and women, we know that when your fishing and that fish hits, it’s on and you need a place to put that drink down quick or you may lose that prize catch. If you don’t have one of Cuda’s Customs cup holders within reach that expensive beer or beverage is gonna end up on the bottom of the boat washing out into the drink. Wouldn’t it be great if after you reeled in that prize catch you could reach right around and grab that drink, not an empty can from the boat bottom, but right off of your boat’s T-top or center console pipework, and toast that awesome catch!

Lucky for you, you’ve got us and we got you!
Buy our single and double Cuda Cup, universal clamp on cup holders for your boat to keep you hydrated and save a ton of money!



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