Cuda’s Customs Boat Cup Holders.

High Quality Completely Weatherproof 

Universal Clamp-on Cuda Cup®,

Marine Drink Holders & Boating Accessories, Fishing and Hunting Gear, all Invented and Manufactured, Exclusively by Us, in the USA.
All of Our Holders are Engineered to Handle Constant UV Exposure, Harsh Outdoor Elements, and Relentless Abuse.
We Are Confident You Won’t Be Disappointed!

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Nothing else on the market like our patented “Cuda Cup®”, durable high quality completely weatherproof rail mount cup holders for boats, boat accessories for kayaks, trolling motors, around rod holders and rocket launchers, UTV roll bars, golf carts, bicycle handle bars. Tough and made of long lasting UV protected marine grade polyethylene and calcium carbonate to ensure they last for years in harsh outdoor elements, saltwater and constant exposure to sunlight.

A unique patented dual universal clamping system covers a huge range of round or square pipework.

  • Small clamp fits on hand, bow, and grab rails and smaller pipework covering ranges from 1 1/4 inch outside diameter to as small as 3/4 inch OD. This size covers boat railings, like bow rails and hand and grab rails found on your boat.
  • The larger clamp fits a range from 1 1/2 inch OD to as large as 2 inch OD. Clamp this size on your boat’s T-Top and Center consoles main supporting pipework. It also clamps around rod holders, roll bars, PVC piping, and more.

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